Port Harcourt completes the second phase of light rail construction

Nigeria’s Light Rail System

Do you believe in progress? Nigeria is advancing in leaps and bounds, there are so many advancements to report to our API members. River State Government has completed the 2nd phase of the monorail construction in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Intamin Transportation Ltd. has signed an agreement with Rivers Monorail Company Ltd to deliver a Monorail System for the city of Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt and its metropolitan area counts actually 3.7 million citizens and is characterised by oil production and its associated industries. The rapidly increasing traffic in the city regularly leads to congested roads. Therefore city-planners were looking for a fast implementation of an efficient mass transit system.

Rivers Monorail1

Rivers Monorail will be using Intamin’s monorail train type P30, an electric driven train especially designed and most suitable for public transport services in cities. The system covers approximately twenty kilometres within the city of Port Harcourt, serving 14 stations between Aggrey Rd and the loop North/East of the Garrison station.


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