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Developers: Sell or fund your project

We structure, assist with creating funding options and sell your project better than anyone
Alternative funding structures can unleash the commercial opportunity inherent in your project without relying on scarce traditional funding.

  • Launching a new property development?
  • Need to generate sales?
  • Seeking new avenues to global markets?
  • Looking for development funding?
  • Need advice on investment structure?

If you have a project to sell or fund, we have the knowledge and experience to structure it attractively and the sales and marketing capacity to make it a reality.

We know what sells work with us and we can ensure your product is structured and packaged in the most saleable way.
API (Africa Property Invest) is one of the UK’s fastest growing overseas property investment agencies and currently has an investor database of over 8,000 people, we also have a television background and access to over 23,000,000 viewers through our media partners Voxafirca PLC allowing us access to a profiled high networth nitch market as well as the marketing expertise to attract the right investors for your project.
We understand that your profit is not unlocked until the last unit is sold. We make that happen.

Who are we?

Insight: We understand what sells and can assist you in refining your project to appeal more resulting in increased visibility and sales.
Application: Assisting developers to be more innovative and engage with their core demographic achieving success by penetrating a nitch market
Impact: Successfully sold in over 10 markets
Integrity: We work with honest and credible developers to the benefit of all of our members.

What are we looking for?

At API we pride ourselves on breaking investment boundaries and pioneering new innovative real estate opportunities, packaging investments that sell whilst creating wealth for our members.

We are currently seeking credible opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Hotel investments
  • City centre buy-to-let
  • Resort investments
  • Student property investments
  • Land
  • New cutting edge asset classes


  1. Wisecom Properties & Associates

    This is very good platform for property investment across the country and beyond. I endorse it wholeheartedly.

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