Referral Scheme

Purchasing property with Africa Property Invest entitles you to many benefits and our referral scheme is one.

How does the referral scheme work?

Once you have purchased property with us, all you need to do is refer a friend or family member to us and if they purchase a property you are eligible to earn commissions of up to £1,000* depending on property value. (Please see commission chart below)

The more friends and family that you successfully refer the more money you are entitled to receive. This is a great incentive for those who purchase overseas property with us.

We are dedicated to first-class customer service and we guarantee that your friends and family members that you refer will benefit from our excellent service.

What is the first step?

All you need to do is send us the details of your friend/s, and when we contact them just ask them to mention your name.

How much will you earn?

We’ll pay you up to £1,000 for every property purchased following one of your successful leads.

Sales Price (unit price) in pounds and what you will get in pounds.

Property Price Showing the Commission ‘You Get’

From £50,000 – £100,000 *£100

£101,000 – £200,000 *£250

£201,000 – £400,000 *£350

£400,001 – £500,000  *£400

 £500,001 – £800,000 *£500

£1,000,000 Plus *£1,000 


Please speak to our customers services department for more information call 02032913237





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