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It is quite an exciting experience to be connected to a worthwhile cause, whether it be an organization or even an event in history which enables you to feel stronger, more secure or even further fuel your belief that great things are not only possible but actually happen.


API are not only a private members based organization, but we have also added significant momentum to the historic emergence of one of the fastest growing economies in the world – Africa.

API would like you to join us on this adventure as we are extending the opportunity to you today, to become a part of history, be a member of API (Africa Property Invest) and Get Connected.

 Membership for Africa Property Invest is two-fold:


  1. Website Membership: This is registration on Africa Property Invest to be part of our online community. This membership allows you to join the forum and communicate with other API community members through forum topics, replies and much more. More so, when logged in, you can easily leave a comment on our Blog and News posts without having to enter your credentials again. Register now to enjoy these online membership benefits.
  2. Investor Membership: This membership is the real deal. It adds you to our top priority contact list thereby bringing latest investment opportunities and updates your way, plus so much more. Click here to Register for your Investor Membership>>

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