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UK and USA Partnership

Are you based in the UK and looking to expand your business in the United States of America?

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At API, we don’t just facilitate immigration—we help create opportunities. From individuals to SME’s (small and medium sized businesses), we support your investor immigration needs. We get to know you and your business goals—and guide you every step of the way. API provide sound expertise, advice, guidance and support for individual investors, high-net worth individuals and companies who are looking to expand their brand and leverage on global business opportunities.

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Treaty Trader visas and Treaty Investor visas are non-immigrant visas for nationals of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation who wish to go to the United States for one of two purposes: to carry on substantial trade, principally between the United States and the treaty country; or to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the national has invested or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital.

Benefits of using API

  • Unparalleled expertise

  • Unbeatable Pricing


API understand that complex paperwork, documentation and immigration processes in diplomatic environments can be overwhelming, confusing and very time consuming. By supporting your investor visa application, API will help to ease the burden of these complex processes at consulates and local embassies.

The API team consists of highly skilled professionals and our aim is to assist your employees, allowing your business to stay on-track. We will assist you in preparing all of the necessary documentation and simplify the process, completing applications and liaising on your behalf. Our team have more than a decade of in-house experience in U.S immigration law and visa operations within the U.S Embassy, combining our expertise and advice to deliver an unbeatable service. At API you will be assisted by our U.S immigration experts, whose primary goal is for you to achieve success.


  • Preparation of business visa application and supporting letters
  • Advice on process requirements and related time frames
  • Submission of applications or detailed submission guidance, where in-person filing is required by the traveler
  • Follow-up with appropriate government agency and guidance on anticipated processing times (where available)
  • Assessment of whether a traveling employee can lawfully carry out their intended activities on a business visitor visa or whether they will require work authorization

Full service immigration support is not as simple as merely preparing the proper documentation. At API, we understand that consulates, embassies and diplomatic posts are integral to immigration processes for many travellers.

Our dedicated Expert Advisors, help to alleviate these concerns by providing instructions and services supporting the necessary processes and requirements to benefit you.

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Follow These Simple Steps:

1. Email us at with the following details:
a. First Name
b. Surname
c. Company Name
d. Phone Number

2. You will be contacted via email with a scheduled date and time for your telephone consultation.

3. In-depth consultation to outline the best way forward for you.

4. We guide you through the required documents and forms to be provided to us.

5. We assess and submit your application

6. We arrange your interview at The American Embassy

7. Upon successful interview your application is approved


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