We are looking forward to 2019 as we approach the last quarter of 2018, we are in good spirits and due to the overwhelming response we have received from you, our loyal members, we have launched a number of key services. These services are designed to enhance your experience and safe engagement within Africa.API Banner

The API service has blossomed in 2016 to include API Tours, API Events, API Investor Services and a specialist Diaspora service tailored to suite your needs. Please see additional information below for more information on how you could benefit.

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API Tours

API have just launched API Tours designed to create an upfront personal visit to key African countries which are designed to show you the best of Africa. Working closely with government bodies and tour specialists, our tours are bespoke and will offer access to areas of Africa only previously available to local and indigenous inhabitants.

Tour Areas Include:


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Cape Verde

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API Events

In a bid to keep our members up to date and informed on all things profitable and topical within Africa, API have an amazing selection of specialist events we recommend and are taking part in throughout 2018.

Platinum Collection API Events – Optimism, Innovation, and Tenacity are at the core of our Platinum Collection API Events. As thought leaders we truly believe anything can be accomplished with vision, creativity, and planning. With almost two decades of event planning experience our Platinum Collection API Events are designed as a strategic, creative, results driven one-stop shop for generating new business, increasing brand awareness, successful market entry and so much more. Give your customers an interactive experience they will never forget and join the Platinum Collection.

Please see a small section of some of our events.

Property Investor Show



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API Investor Services

We have a selection of sought after services for UK and Overseas investors looking to invest overseas for a higher return but without most of the risk.

Our services include Asset Acquisition, Overseas Equity Investment Management and Property Investment advise. At API we take pride in providing our investors with a robust framework which capitalizes on our strengths in identifying, structuring and managing investment opportunities across continents. We specialize in streamlining the management of assets and equity for our clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

At API, we don’t just facilitate immigration—we help create opportunities. From individuals to SME’s (small and medium sized businesses), we support your investor immigration needs. We get to know you and your business goals—and guide you every step of the way. API provide sound expertise, advice, guidance and support for individual investors, high-net worth individuals and companies who are looking to expand their brand and leverage on global business opportunities.

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API Diaspora Services

API Diaspora Services was created to empower, assist, and facilitate families and individuals to maximise their ability to successfully engage and integrate with the necessary channels designed to make life ‘back home’ the kind of rewarding experience it should be. Through our Diaspora Services API are committed to our clients and believe by respecting and understanding their needs, we can strive to exceed their expectations by providing an effective, quality service.