Founded by, Joseph Farodoye, Africa Property Invest (API) is a UK based private advisory organisation supporting private sector property development and property investment across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Here at API we understand the possible difficulties, complexities, and frustrations involved with investing in properties; in particular, investing aboard. Africa Property Invest (API) was established to help potential investors navigate local systems and processes, access credible information and reputable trusted local service providers.API aims to safely assist potential buyers to become more informed and educated about the dynamics within the African property market.

Our hands on approach and unique ways of working helps to simplify property investment in growth areas across Africa. API outlines procedures, provides detailed information about the state of the economy, the growth potential, the diverse cultures across Africa and links investors with solid investment opportunities both inside and outside of the continent.

API is a members based organisation, providing our members with a solid platform designed to inspire interest within Africa and empower property investment decisions. Please click on our Members page in order to learn how to become a member.